"Informative, comprehensive, and a great resource for anyone planning a trip to Italy. Steve shares his wealth of knowledge and provides superb tips in this essential must-have guide."
Rob Espinosa, Honolulu, HI

"Well done! What a great resource to have with you. Very informative and an easy read with much information to make your trip enjoyable."
Judy Bloomquist, Boise, Idaho

"This would be the perfect reference for planning a trip to Rome, Venice and Cinque Terre not to mention having it handy while there for immediate reference. I enjoyed the personal glimpses that have been added for humor and emphasis. It makes me want to take a trip. Good Job Steve!"
Phil Anderson, Phoenix, Arizona

"Lol, your writing style is hilarious and entertaining while informing and educating. I love it. It's a good read."
B. Korson, Denver, CO

"The most comprehensive guidebook on Italy I have read. A must for both first-time and experienced travelers."
Robert Nelson, Brier, Washington

"Steven James Craig not only knows and understands Italy but he presents it in a way that all people can appreciate. Instead of the usual guide books which tell you all the most popular,expensive hotels and fine cuisine he takes us on a welcomed journey to the "other real Italy" which is rich in culture, farms, vineyards and small villages. He has had countless encounters with some of Italy's kindest, warmest citizens and has come to know Italy and it's people as his second home. Steve loves to try good food and has an affinity for home cooking. His travels in this book will guide you to some of the most mouth-watering meals and eateries this graceful country has to offer. If you are looking for a romantic getaway or a quaint country-side Bed and Breakfast, this is also the #1 Italian must-have guide book for you! I've known Steven Craig for over thirty years and am privileged to call him a friend and brother. Perhaps in the near future I will accompany him into this beautiful land, Italy!"
Tripadvisor - Bruce Maier, Centralia, WA

"Steve Craig’s book, “Italy Travels & Adventures” is an excellent resource for anyone traveling to Rome, Venice, The Cinque Terre and nearby villages. It is written and organized with great expertise and lots of tips and facts, yet it’s easy to use and understand. Steve’s adventures can be shared by anyone thanks to his superb advice, and the book is a great read thanks to his wit and humor. My wife was born in Italy and her entire family is Italian to the core. Although the book is a very useful tool for tourists I will be recommending this book to all of them because it is so well done. Wherever you’re from and whatever your ethnic origin might be, you’ll love Steve Craig’s book—whether you’re visiting Italy or just like to read about “the boot.”   "
Steve Robinson Owner/President SR PRODUCTIONS , Olympia, WA

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